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Why buy a car charger?

Buying an electric car charger is an investment that can save you money in the long term – especially when you select a SMART charger that can be programmed and provide all kind of useful insights to you (via an App). Chargers can also reduce charging time significantly from 6-12 hours to just a couple. This is known as “Fast Charge”.

EV chargers are:

  • Safer.
  • Quicker.
  • Intelligent.
Electric car charging point

Alternatives to using a charger…

There are some other considerations when deciding just to plug your vehicle onto charge via an extension lead.

A study by Electrical Safety First (ESF), found 75% of electric car owners have used multi-socket leads that aren’t suitable for outdoor use to charge their vehicles.

This increases risk of:

  • Electric shock (if cables are left in the rain).
  • Overloading domestic supplies – potentially causing power cuts or fire.

The safest and most convenient way to charge your vehicle at home is through a dedicated EV charging point. Of course, ensuring this is installed by a qualified, registered and competent electrician.

Trusted and approved EV Charger installers Bamfurlong

We are approved installers for the following manufacturers and have formed partnerships with these organisations to ensure we have access to all makes of chargers and that they are secured at the best possible price.

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If you have a preferred charger that is not on our list then let us know. We can source and are qualified to install any make or model for you and it won’t be a problem. With our reputation and links to the market, we may be able to source it cheaper for you and will pass on the savings by reducing the price of installation.

Vehicle manufacturers we work with…

We can install ev chargers for all makes of electric vehicle.

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